Lettering, illustration, and font design work.

Just to mention a few pieces that might use some text elaboration, the script font design near the top of the page was done for Stouffers Foods. The "Heartbeet" logo illustration was done for an occupational clinic using farming skills for the therapy. The "1999" theme, like the "Two Thousand and 9" theme below was a new years greeting theme. For descriptions of the work, such as the XBox faceplate and so on, please refer to the captions.
This was a full typeface designed for Stouffers Foods several years back, and was used on their major frozen foods for some time.
 Art direction: Thomasina Webb.
I had the privilege of working with JDK Design, in Burlington VT on this faceplate for Microsoft's XBOX 360, a few years back. Art direction by Malcolm Buick.
The name of this custom font I designed some years back is Anelle, after Anelle Miller, the creative director of Origins at the time, who had been writing out descriptions of their retail lines by hand. This script was based on her handwriting.
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