Lettering, Image, and Type

Over the years, starting from a love of doing calligraphy, I focused on redrawing the basic forms of script with pencil, with emphasis on rendering in Adobe Illustrator. Besier curves have always, since first discovery, been a joy to work with, not unlike learning a craft, since there is a sense of 'bending wire' almost in working with this dimension of Illustrator. Starting from the top, B. Dalton was a logo redesign, some years back, for the script to be more legible from a distance, and from the odd angles encountered in shopping centers - thus the letter spacing and greater simplicity and consistency built in. The work was done for Michael Peters Design, as well as art direction by Chiu Li. Tigers was for an innovative, interactive exhibit to draw attention to the plight of the Bengal Tiger, an endangered species. Thus the reference to Sanskrit, and the 'jungle mystique' of ancient India.
This logo was created for a young fashion entrepreneur.
This popular dance club outside of Saint Louis, MO, was as you can see going for a dynamic 50s look.
'Runway Hair Extensions' was for a major beauty salon in Salisbury, Australia, who contacted me for a script logo idea for their website title that they got from seeing my 'Wine List' logo. Then, as the work got underway, the project expanded into combining an illustration with the lettering, for their corporate ID, along with business cards.
I was contacted by Alexander Isely, whose design firm was completing a full identity project for Goodwill Industries, CT branch, and who wanted a script logo for the store.
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