Varied work, all done for agencies...
Occasional pieces in other projects on my site are also for agencies, though I believe these merit a category of their own.

I was chosen to develop various handwriting styles to represent different personalities, the later from a pool of real people, selected from the target market for this HIP medication,  who had bee photographed for the print campaign. Agency: Prime Access, NY.  Design direction: Margarita Pesces. Creative direction: Yury Vargas.
Client: Land O' Lakes. Agency: Colle McVoy, Minneapolis. Art Direction: Daniel Jenstad. This is an online promotional campaign, with many different 'sentiment' quotes. For more, connect with:
This work was done for BVK, under the art direction of Scott Krahn who designed the piece. I thought it was awesome, and was glad to be a part of the process. He found me for this from viewing a calligraphy quotation on my site.
I was contacted by an art director, Dave Popino from Hoffman Lewis, San Francisco, and therewith began the most intense, and perhaps the largest job of my career. All the lettering was of the figurative kind, defining the shape of objects, anywheres from flora to fauna to objects such as boats and houses. Although there were only three illustrations, they were so complex, and so much lettering was involved that I must confess I did not do anything else but work for some 6 weeks, 7 days a week. No complaints. Never been so busy!
See above caption.
The above artwork was created with a brush, the scanned and retouched in Photoshop. The agency was Moore and Scarry, Fl, for a client's automobile dealership. Art direction by Ed Kiesel.
This was a project that the art director, Jaime Flores, contacted me about, for Prenate, a line of prenatal nutritional formulas. For this print campaign, marketed to doctors, each theme was based on one of the three American winter holidays, the one above on Thanksgiving. The agency was Goble, Chicago.
Taxi Calgary, Canada was the agency, and Keli Pollack the art director, for this piece put out by Calgary Cares to draw awareness to a surviving health threat.
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