On this page, I've included some of my more spontaneous work and handwriting scripts. A good portion were done for Victoria's Secret Beauty, some of which were finished and used,  though most were merely created as sketches for in house presentation - as possible design directions for seasonal products and packaging logos. I display them here, in case there is an interest in styles of this genre. Periodically, I will be posting more of this category, looser and handwriting related, from whatever work I have done, or continue to do.

Client: Land O' Lakes. Agency: Colle McVoy, Minneapolis. Art Direction: Daniel Jenstad. This is an online promotional campaign, with many different 'sentiment' quotes. For more, connect with: http://www.landolakes.com/farmfamilies/
See above.
I was chosen to develop various handwriting styles to represent different personalities, the later from a pool of real people, selected from the target market for this HIP medication,  who had bee photographed for the print campaign. Agency: Prime Access, NY.  Design direction: Margarita Pesces. Creative direction: Yury Vargas.
This was finished artwork for a line of specialty pocket book designs that were released on the market sometime in 2007 - 2008, by Victoria's Secret. An image of one of the bags is below.

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